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Becoming a Hero - Lessons from The Lion King

April 2017

In this unique lesson from the hit movie Lion King, hear the call from Pastor Mark Passarella to give up your escape plans and take up your role the hero in your family, school, city, and nation.   

Becoming a Hero - Lessons from The Lion King - Mark Passarella
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Escape from Darkness - Spirit Detox

Jan 2017

Because of the Promise that God says He'll be our Father, we should "Detox our Spirits".  Listen to this powerful message from Mark about severing yourself from the influence of the world and becoming a son of God.  Take the new years Spirit Detox with our youth ministry students.

Escape the Darkness - Spirit Detox - Mark Passarella
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Do Not Lose Heart

Jan 2016

Life is filled with pain.  Books have been written about pain. Rejection, Slander, Death, Divorce, Abuse, all flood our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  Life happens and it hurts.  What we do with pain creates the environment that we live in, the relationships we have, pain creates our present moment. Learn from this teaching how we should process pain in our lives.  Don't lose heart, Hope in God!

Do Not Lose Heart - Mark Passarella
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